Are you thinking about to make an event website of high conversion oriented? But Honestly speaking, it’s not as easy as you think. Interested to know, why?

Making an event website is not tough, but tough to make it high converting as it requires to include some revolutionary elements. Here the elements are plugins.You need to add some amazing plugins in your WordPress event website to make it high conversion.

In this article, we will brief you about 5 awesome WordPress plugins which will emphasize to the high conversion of your event website.

The following features need to include in these WordPress plugins.

Sponsors’ logo showcase

Responsiveness for all devices

Multiple calendar views and filters

Attendance registration

Online ticket selling system

 Sidebar widget for displaying events

Importing & exporting of events and so on.

Here is a collection of plugins chosen from thousand of plugins that help you to build an event website. These plugins are important to me as they work remarkably to make your event successful as well as bring you high conversion.

If you didn’t install the best logo slider WordPress plugin to represent your sponsors of this event, I would like to suggest you download and install one on your event website.

MI Logo Slider

You may wonder why we put a logo slider plugin in the first of the serial? We put it first because a logo slider displays your event sponsors’ logo. People often like to know who are the sponsors of your event and get interested in joining the event when they find the branded companies sponsored the event.

MI Logo Slider plays an outstanding role to showcase your sponsors’ logo on your WprdPress event website. To make productive of your site’s logo section MI Logo Slider offers you a lot of options.

MI logo slider also offers you 5 types of display, these are- Grid Showcase, Filter Layouts, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider, and List Style. It’s also a responsive logo slider to display on any device.


Google Calendar Events Plugin

The Google Calendar Events plugin is a free and smart plugin to analyze Google Calendars to insert events directly to the event calendar on your website. This plugin shows the lists and grids on your site posts, pages or through a widget.  Using separate Google calendars this plugin is perfect for multiple event planner’s sites. For event information, it also has full customization, but limited calendar view options.For beginners, it’s a great plugin and for small holding event sites that don’t need ticket selling.

Events Schedule

Schedule listing is one of the most common features of the event website. Schedule listing focuses the timing schedule of various event sessions. Its first & foremost duty is to help people to take the ultimate decision whether they attend the event or not. The Events schedule WordPress plugin works perfectly to attract your targeted people for schedule listing.

Event Organizer

In calendar management, Event Organizer plugin offers you a lot of conveniences. It is a great choice for them who need a free plugin for event organization. To make easy the one-time event or recurring event, Event Organizer’ s performance is sound.  It can handle smoothly the complex scheduling, such as the event fixed for the last Friday in January or the 3rd Saturday of every month.

In this plugin there are a number of widgets, these are- Event list widget, Calendar widget, and Event Agenda Widget. So, event information can be filled in your sidebar. The event organizer has integrated Google Maps but it doesn’t have the options for ticketing, registrations or personal calendar scheduling.

Ticket Tailor

After the Event Organizer, you have to think for Ticket Tailor. It works for all types of your ticket sales including multiple prices for payment collection as well as registration. This plugin supports PayPal.Ticket Tailor includes a bar code scanning entry system, so you can scan the physical ticket at the entrance. For selling your online ticket Ticket Tailor plugin is an excellent tool for you.

Wrapping it up


In the above write-up, we tried to present you a short description on 5 awesome WordPress plugins to make your event website high conversion. From our experience, we can assure you to get the great feedback you can test the above plugins for your event website. Hope these will not be disappointed you.